The Umm el-Fahem Museum will be the first contemporary art museum in the Arab sector in Israel.

  • This museum will be the first contemporary art museum in the Arab sector in Israel. The museum will present groundbreaking art that reflects the richness and complexity of the region, and as such will serve as a mirror of the area’s culture. 

  • The museum will be a repository for the cultural legacy of Arab artists in Israel.  An essential part of the museum will be a photographic and oral history archive that will document the Wadi Ara area.  The archive will serve as a conduit that will guide researchers through the area’s history, and will be available as a resource to scholars of Israeli art, Arab art, and regional history.

  • The museum will be an inviting and enriching place and will serve as a bridge to understanding, encouraging cultural dialogue between Arab and Jewish artists

    on a variety of themes including ones related to critical current affairs. It will cultivate and enhance the awareness of art in all age groups, and create a multicultural dialogue between artists from Israel and abroad.

  • The museum will feature a green design incorporating natural light and vegetation, efficient cooling and heating systems, and a green roof that will serve as a promenade and observation point.

  • Furthermore, it will increase and improve the educational and training opportunities available to Arab-Israelis, including curatorial and administrative internships. The museum will be a center of artistic and educational activity that will raise a new, proud generation, loyal to its identity and culture––a generation responsible for its life and its future.