The Collection

The Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery has already begun acquiring a permanent collection for the future museum. Through donations and gifts, the Gallery has acquired the work of eminent artists, including Nasrin Abu Baker, Fatma Abu Rumi, Farid Abu Shakra, Walid Abu Shakra, Raida Adon, Anisa Ashkar, Tayseer Barakat, Assaf Fuakri, Khalid Hourani, Manal Mahamid, Suleiman Mansour, Samah Shadi, and Fatma Shanan. Additionally, as part of its heritage collection the museum will display an archive of traditional Palestinian embroidery. In 2008 the Gallery established the first and only Palestinian archive within Israel. Archivists collect the oral history of the Wadi Ara region by interviewing the elderly among the population and by collecting historic footage from different sources in the community and other archives in Israel and around the world.